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Boxing Classes

Boxing Classes Melbourne


Fit441 Boxing Classes run morning, noon and night at our new St Kilda Road gym


Have you ever noticed that high level of fitness, strength and agility of elite level boxing professionals? At Fit441 we have created boxing classes that provide the explosive, adrenaline rush workouts that boxing provides without having to dodge any flying fists!

These boxing classes involve more than punching a boxing bag, we teach you proper techniques to not only engage your upper body, but also your core and legs - helping you to pack a punch, test your muscles and burn calories.

What to expect from Fit441 boxing classes:

  • A fully qualified instructor who ensures all participants have the knowledge they need to participate safely and reach their potential
  • Small group sizes (approximately 8 participants)
  • A friendly atmosphere where people of all ages and fitness levels motivate each other
  • A class run in a clean facility with which supplies modern, functional and safe equipment


The benefits you will gain from a boxing class include:


Fat Loss

Like other forms of HIIT cardio, boxing classes put you through short bursts of intensity, which is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Within 30 minutes a person of 68kg can burn 266 calories – compared to 120 for walking.


Improvements in Cardiovascular Health

Lower intensity forms of exercise such as walking are great, however they fail to elevate your heart rate to a moderate level of stress – which is where the best cardiovascular improvements are made.


Muscle Toning

Boxing comprises of quick, intense actions which target your fast twitch muscle fibres. You’ll struggle to find a workout that targets as many muscles as boxing – your upper body, lower body and core are all put to the test. If you’re looking to flatten your stomach, the combination of bracing, hip rotation and calorie burning will do the job far quicker than lying on the floor doing crunches!


Release stress and feel great

The Mayo Clinic found that moderate to intense exercise provides you with a rush of endorphins, improved mental state and ability to sleep – the combination of these enables you to reduce stress.  Join a class before or after work to clear your mind and sweat away your worries!


Safe way to test your limits

Boxing is suitable for those of all ages and fitness levels. Those who are recovering from an injury can participate at their own pace. No experience of knowledge of weight training required.


Come and try on of our boxing classes at Fit441 – 441 St Kilda Road Melbourne.